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Call Me Flowers

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We were so awestruck with the trompe l'oeil effect of this background that we absolutely had to have a REAL photograph of it on our site, not just one that we took ourselves in Cecile's garage. We implored our friend and WONDERFUL PHOTOGRAPHER Peg Buckner of Picture This! Studio & Gallery in Fallon, Nevada to puhleeze take some images with this beautiful background. A wonderful photographer and a wonderful background. Great Combination! Thank you, Peg! We couldn't do it without you...

The popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets has motivated us to name this background after the one vegetable that I hate the most, that is, if we're not counting lima beans.

Perhaps the most ingenious and inspired of our three-dimensional Escher-like backgrounds, "Call Me Flowers" irresistibly tricks the eye into believing that the two pillars are really in front of the couple when in fact, it's all a magical sleight of "trompe l'oeil" art, a term that virtually no one can pronounce properly, mostly because it's French, and when Americans feel compelled to call french fries, "freedom fries," well, that says it all about the French.

There are 5 copies of this backdrop available.

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